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We are proud to give our services around the Jaffna District with New Construction, Renovation, Extensions, Masonry work, Wood works, Painting works, Electrical and Plumbing works, Cost planning and advices, Design in 2D & 3D, Approval from relevant Authorities, Structural Design from Experts, Estimates with detail BOQ, supervision to our clients.

New Home Construction

Handover your land and wait with dream and excitement. We will take responsible for your dream come true on time with your Budget. We undertake all kind of Construction part with experts.

Renovations and Additions

Are you worrying about your Home getting worse? Want to add more with your building? Feel free to contact D.Est. We provide solutions to your House become Home.​​


Let us Know your Budget. We are ready to color your Home with protective coat.

2D/3D Designs

Want to feel your dream home early? We are ready to design 3D for your requirements. We take responsible to provide 2D drawings & approvals from local authorities.

Free Estimate

Let us Know your Budget. We will give you a free quote at preliminary stage. However, we will work with detailed Estimate with you till end of your project.

Structural Design

Small or Big, we will consult with a Structural Engineer along with Structural Drawings. We guarantee your Home with Expert ensure Home is strong.

Interior/Exterior Designing and Execution

We do free interior/ Exterior designs and execute what you expected. We guarantee your mind relaxation at your Home.

Pantry Cupboards

We are ready to moderate your Kitchen with Solid wood or Boards. Get your custom design for free.

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